Glass Art by Alisha Volotzky

Since coming to this country I have work in my own glass studio producing furniture and architectural commissions for public and privet, homes and collections in Israel, Europe, Canada, and the USA. The unique technique I developed of, not just etched glass, but deep carving and painting on glass is prefect for fabricating custom tabletops from thick glass, doors, windows, room dividers and skylights. I make beautiful and strong leaded glass, stained glass and beveled glass, windows, door and room dividers.

Alisha has shown in the most prestigious furniture shows in the nation from the east to the west coast. His work is in the White House permanent collection. He is a ten time Niche’ Award Finalist. Two time Niche’ Award Winner.

Excerpt from a gallery exhibit review

“Alisha Volotzky, glass sculptor, artist and architect extraordinaire, is best known for sculptured monuments throughout his native country. He has worked and taught during various periods in his career, oil painting, watercolor, sculpturing and architecture using different mediums. Alisha’s works have been featured in many museum exhibits and private galleries.

Since his arrival in this country, he has set out on a personal quest to ‘capture the magic of glass’ in ways that have never before been attempted. Alisha has developed the unique technique of sandblasting and deep carving figures out of solid blocks of glass. He has found a way, through light and color, to give the illusion of life to his sculptures. Each piece is one of a kind.”